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Exam no longer required to retain Juniper certifications

Are your Juniper Networks certifications due to expire?

A recent announcement by Juniper Networks confirms that candidates are no longer required to take an exam in order to retain their current Juniper Networks certification.

How will this affect your current certifications?

The Juniper Networks Certification Programme now offers a “Continuing Education” recertification option and Juniper has recently announced a positive change to the current requirements in place when candidates are looking to re-certify credentials that are reaching the renewal deadline.

If your Juniper Networks certifications are due to expire, you are no longer required to take an exam in order to retain your current Juniper Networks certification.

The Juniper Networks Certification Programme “Continuing Education recertification” option permits attendance to a Juniper Education class to recertify expiring credentials. Candidates must take a recommended class at an equivalent or higher-level to their certification within the same track. Attendance to the class allows candidates to retain their certification without the need to take an exam.

For Example:

A candidate holds a JNCIS-ENT certification attending the Junos Intermediate Routing (JIR) class (same level) or Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing (AJER) class (next level up in the same track) would recertify the JNCIS-ENT certification.

The following guidelines are available for candidates looking to recertify through the course attendance option:

Certified individuals cannot use the course attendance option two times in a row to recertify a given certification. After using this option to recertify a given certification, certified individuals are required to take the exam for that certification to recertify it the next time.

The course completion certificate must be submitted prior to the expiration date of the certification. If certification holders recertify by passing an exam, then they cannot recertify that same certification through course attendance if the date on the course completion certificate predates the date of the last passed exam.

A single course completion certificate can be used to recertify any certification with that course listed as a recertification option, even if the certifications are in different tracks. For example, the Junos Intermediate Routing course could be used to recertify both the JNCIS-ENT and JNCIS-SP certifications.

General Recertification Notes

Passing an exam or taking a course at a higher level renews all lower-level certifications on the same track for three years from the date of passing the higher-level exam or from the last day of the course. For example, passing the JNCIP-SP exam will renew the JNCIS-SP and JNCIA-Junos certifications for three years from the date of passing the JNCIP-SP exam.

Programme participants can view their certification status using CertManager and will periodically be notified via email regarding changes in their status. It is the responsibility of certification holders to keep their certifications and contact information up to date.

All JNCP certifications are Active for a period of three years. Certifications that are not renewed during the three-year active period will expire.

The JNCP certification status categories, timeframes and eligibilities are as follows:

 Status  Timeframe  Eligibilites
 Active  Three Years
  • Eligible for all benefits
  • Qualify under the Partner certification compliance requirements
  • Can be recertified from current level
  • Can be used to fulfil prerequisite requirements
  • Can be used to qualify for lab exams on the same track
 Expired At the end of the active period
  • Cannot be recertified from current level
  • Candidates with an expired certification must start over at the beginning of the track and re-earn each certification in that track
  • Not eligible for benefits
  • Do not qualify under the Partner certification compliance requirements
  • Cannot be used to fulfil any prerequisite requirements
  • Cannot be used to qualify for JNCP Lab Exams on the same track

This recertification option is applicable only to courses ending on or after 1st January 2017.