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Application Development and Programming Training

Build cutting-edge apps and software capabilities with our application development and programming curriculum with hands-on training on Java, C++, .Net and other top languages and frameworks. Learn how to develop mobile and web-based applications and programs with courses covering a variety of programming languages, software development platforms and development frameworks.



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Applications Development


Applications Development & Programming
Essentials Windows Presentation Foundation - WPF (GK2345)
Essential .NET with C# for .NET 4.5 (GK3296)
Modern ASP.Net (GK3297)

Architecture and Patterns

Applications Development & Programming
.NET Architecture and Design Principles (GK3344)

Java and Python

Applications Development & Programming
Advanced Python (GK2351)
Essential Python (GK2352)
The Python Language (GK2354)

Web Development

Applications Development & Programming
Essential MEAN Stack Development (GK0782)
Essential Angular JS (GK0788)
Advanced AngularJS (GK2360)
Modern Web Development (GK2362)
Essential RESTfulServices with WebAPI (GK2363)
Essential ASP.NET Core (GK3368)
Applications Development & Programming
Guerrilla.NET (GK0771)
Intensive C++ (GK0791)
Code & Test Smarter with Design Patterns (GK2340)
MongoDB for Python Developers (GK2353)
Essential jQuery (GK2361)
Getting Started with Python (GK5165)
Getting Started with SQLAlchemy (GK5193)
Working with JSON data from Python (GK5195)
Python Apps with SQLite (GK5196)
Pointers to Data and Functions in C (GK5213)
Embedded C Memory Management (GK5220)
Object Oriented Programming with C# (GK5227)
Basics of STL in C++ (GK5237)
C++11 Core Language Enchancements (GK5238)
Develop C++ Applications (GK5242)
Patterns and Idioms in C++ (GK5243)
Getting Started with JavaScript (GK5245)
Getting Started with TypeScript (GK5247)
Getting Started with Git (GK5255)
Source Control with TFS (GK5260)
Consuming Services in .NET by Example (GK5280)
Asynchronous Programming in C# (GK5295)
Developer Collection (GK5302)
Python Bundle (GK5312)
C# / .NET Developer Bundle (GK5315)
C and C++ Developer Bundle (GK5320)


Applications Development & Programming
Designing and Implementing Cisco Network Programmability (NPDESI)
Developing with Cisco Network Programmability (NPDEV)

Global Knowledge

Applications Development & Programming
Essential Entity Framework (GK0772)
Guerrilla Modern Web Development (GK0776)
MongoDB for .NET Developers (GK0778)
Essential Node.js (GK0787)
Essential BizTalk (GK0903)
Foundations of C# Programming and the .NET Framework (GK2346)
Effective Modern C++ for C++ Programmers (GK2348)
Essential JavaScript (GK2349)
The Swift Programming Language (GK2350)

Hewlett Packard

Applications Development & Programming
Universal Discovery 10.x, Jython Adapter Development Training (UD370)