Data Center Unified Computing System Troubleshooting

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Kurskod: DCUCTS
GTC: 92
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This is a 4-day hands-on course which focuses entirely on the knowledge and skills required to troubleshoot Level 2 UCS, N1k and C-series integration issues.


Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Internetworking fundamentals ICND1 and ICND2 recommended
  • Attendance of Data Center Unified Computing Implementation DCUCI required


Troubleshooting Cisco UCS in the Data Center

  • Cisco UCS Configuration Confirmation
  • Cisco UCS Support Tools
  • Cisco UCS Advanced Operations
  • LAN and SAN Connectivity
  • Cisco Unified Computing System Upgrades
  • Cisco Unified Computing System Memory
  • Integrating C-Series and Cisco UCS Manager

Troubleshooting Nexus 1000V Installation and Operations Problems on Cisco UCS

  • Troubleshooting Nexus 1000V Installations on Cisco UCS
  • Troubleshooting Nexus 1000V Data Plane Issues


  • Lab 1-1A: Initial System Exploration
  • Lab 1-1B: Troubleshooting Cisco UCS Service Profiles
  • Lab 1-2A: Cisco UCS Support Tools
  • Lab 1-2B: Troubleshooting IPMI
  • Lab 1-3A: Cisco UCS Modes of Operation
  • Lab 1-3B: Port Channel Troubleshooting
  • Lab 1-4A: LAN and SAN Connectivity
  • Lab 1-4B: IP Network Troubleshooting
  • Lab 1-5: Cisco UCS Upgrades
  • Lab 1-6A: Memory Data Collection
  • Lab 1-6B: Memory Troubleshooting
  • Lab 1-7: Troubleshooting and Verifying C-Series Integration with Cisco UCS Manager
  • Lab 2-1: Tools and Techniques for Troubleshooting Nexus 1000V Installation Problems
  • Lab 2-2: Commands and Procedures for Troubleshooting Nexus 1000V Data Plane Issues
  • Lab 2-3: Troubleshooting Nexus 1000V Installation and Control and Data Plane Problems


After you complete this course you will be able to:

  • Recognize UCS system failures and resolve UCS system failures using the correct tools to identify the cause of a UCS system failure
  • Identify tools and procedures used to isolate, identify, and resolve Nexus 1000V operational failures


This course is designed for UCS engineers responsible for troubleshooting UCS solutions.


  • There is no exam currently assigned to this course

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